Gambling Can Kill a Marriage

There are many such legal and social problems related to gambling. Gambling takes root as a recreation or a pastime and grows into a bad habit and branches out to become life-taking issue. The bad habit taken into account here is a bit different from the other bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse etc. in the sense that all the others require money with no return, but gambling on the other hand may bear fruit and this is the best excuse which a regular gambler can provide.

Hence, till the time a gambler is single that is the person is not married and financially independent also, it only threats his life or future, but the moment the person exchanges marriage vows from that very second is responsible for the well-being of the spouse as well. Then slowly the worm of gambling creeps into the marital, but there is “always an excuse”, now even if somehow the marriage stands, till the couple bears a child then trouble starts as responsibilities increase. Even if financially strong the gambler will not be able to take time out for the family and then the –‘Apocalypse’, that is breakup or divorce.

According to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission’s report 15 million Americans have a serious gambling problem which generates from boredom or need for adrenaline rush rather than need for money. A person can safely play with as less as $15, so in many cases a person starts gambling at a young age, some are fortunate to walk-out of the bad habit without much of a loss but some lose everything.

Once a gamble is won, the gambler wants to win, win and win more. This addiction takes its toll on the whole life of the gambler and unfortunately the life of the spouse also, if not taken care of. But it is not always as easy as said, because a proverb goes “Once a gambler always a gambler”.

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