How To Deal With Losing

If I’m losing say two hundred quid to two and a half thousand of wagering I’m going to be cashing out near four grand and free ground so everything everything back over for seven will happen I’m happy with that this it will helps all these all these sort of things that’s what you need another win call the north wing they would have been for us move it was actually it tends to play well after speech I’ve noticed a you do get a few decent wins after ¬†feature just to sort of poke you in the eye say this is what you could have won another nice win for the pot look at that and back up to over four eight where I was after that bonus only about six 60 70 quick short. Find out more about how to stop losing at¬†Casinoslots.

That’s what I’m saying – it’s not a bad game to fire bonus waves on the base game on this usually you do get quite a good turnover like you do on dead or alive but dead or alive only contributes 20% this contributes 100% until they caught on nobody got that and a half hour and I’ve done it wrong will do is keep some it back and have a higher stake session the normal danger high volleys you still about doing one or two hundred quid in two quid spins I don’t have four hundred three or four quid spins I’m going to I’ve always I sort on the deep in the next video I’m saying that now I’m not tempting fate because it’s not impossible for me not to cash a few thousand right here now look at that yes see look at that that’s another classic example what I mean I’m actually a but why I hadn’t what I was after that bonus now what a sensational bit of phone balloons or never a bit play this good ever about if you saw the last video about fit frequent features than that and made a few hundred and kept cashing out cutting loans then for ended off of it and it could run but not like this just win after we in the basecoat the cadet ace.

First I get busted we have an arm I can get another feature for a bus and then bust before I am make the wage with master can’t but now I’ll say he’s the same four-eyed bus cousin or me dude that was a shame another big win 77 pounder thought about that diamond come the first real there the space games absolutely brilliant look at it I’m actually 70 pounds or 60 pound better off and I was up the bonus there I’ve cleared another 6.3 thousands of wage with since since the last bonus Jesus you me I hope I caught that I just got a massive combo of a C’s droppin oh Jesus I’m over 5,000 on a massive combo basis dropping pretty similar for almost identical to them Kings that came in on the free spin so that big win this space game is sensational.

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