NFL Week 3 Predictions

Cuts the fake to drink here comes ten of you, the former college receiver, on the moons that should have to drink so job. I Miami Dolphins are gon na, go five and no to start this year out. I hope that my picks were able to help you guys last week.

Some of them didn’t come out the way I thought, but you know what that’s why we played a game. I am betting better than what I was last year at this time. If you’re finding me now for the first time, please go ahead, subscribe to this channel click, the notification bell so you’re down every time we drop these life gains videos. These videos are designed to help you make gains in every area of your life and saving.

You time, you really enjoy my content going ahead and support a brother at patreon join me at my facebook link and let’s go ahead and get into week three my three focus games and then we’ll cover the whole entire ticket. Let’S do it what’s good YouTube. All-Knowing. 11 out feeling I’m saying, all-powerful just damn all everything sex is hell host and we’re bringing you the most dynamic prediction YouTube show anywhere. The life games channel baby, my pics last week didn’t do as good as week, one, but my focus games went well.

So I probably made y’all a little bit of money and we’re gon na do it again this week, and I also have some of the Vegas eyes to show you guys so for my folks that really go hard with the Vegas bedding. We’Re gon na help you out. So let’s talk about it, but first I got to put on my plus seven glasses, we’re going to call these footballs sexy as hell work on skilling up my craft, giving you a more informed YouTube. It’S paying something better to look at always always. I finally got some sponsors HD IPTV check them out, they’re, offering everything you see across the screen Sports ticket – you name it they’ve, got it $ 14 a month and the other one is the two week: diet baby for my fellas out there working on them cuts For the sluts you girls that watch this channel that are working on those butts for the month check out the two week: diet program. Ok, so let’s talk about my focus games of the week, so focus game number one.

I’Ve got Indy versus the Eagles. The big thing about that is Carson, Wentz is bad, but his ass is gon na be a little rusty. Ladies and gentlemen, any time you go through the kind of knee injury he’s going through where he taught every single, ligament and tendon up in that knee you’ve got to see what he’s gon na do and the coach looked pretty good that last weekend, so anytime y’all See me when the paraphernalia team sport, this is a Johnny Unitas Jersey, that’s the team, I’m rolling with in one of these focus games so in this particular game with Carson just coming back and with his Whitehouse injured, and they ain’t catching nothing.

I mean these guys. Couldn’T catch a cold if they were standing in water in the North Pole, I see how they’re gon na beat the coats, so you could probably call this somewhat of an upset, but in this game I’m rolling with Andrew Luck, I’m rolling with them getting the feelings Of a wind back from last week, I’m rolling with the coats in this game next game we’re gon na go to I’ve, got charged the LA Chargers versus the damn LA Rams. The Battle of the LA teams, ladies and gents, who is gon na, have the home-field crowd in this game.

I’M saying that the LA Rams are gon na, probably have more the home-field crowd just because they have been in LA a little longer than the Chargers. A lot of people had the Chargers going to the Superbowl and they haven’t looked that good, but we can clearly say the LA Rams look like they are one of the top three teams and all the NFL, and for that very reason, I’m going with the LA Rams booked them to win that focus game last but definitely not least, the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Tampa Bay Bucs on Monday night, and sometimes you guys know your picks come down to that Monday night game. So my focus here definitely is what the hell is going on with Pittsburgh, and my contention with them is they’re having complete disarray in the locker room, you’re having teammates going against teammates people calling out Antonio Brown, there’s more disarray and content in that locker room than There was in triple G losing to Canelo Alvarez when he should have won. It is that much malcontents in that locker room, wide receiver, man running back man can’t get paid, and I think we are seeing the end of an era in Pittsburgh and on the contrary, Fitzpatrick or should we call him? Fitz Magic is looking like a MVP candidate and he has inspired his team with his on the field play. However, if we know anything about Fitzpatrick he’ll, look good for a streak of games that his ass just Falls right off the damn cliff, and so I don’t think it’s gon na be this game and damn Jameis Winston, you know, lost your job buddy until Fitzpatrick falls Off the cliff, having said all that the Pittsburgh Steelers defense has little just atrocious: where is the defense? Here:

Offense looks good, but the defense hasn’t looked good at all Tampa Bay. Defenses, look! Ok, just ok, but I expect to see Fitzpatrick doing another postgame interview with his ass up there, looking like Conor McGregor talking about how they kicked the Pittsburgh Steelers into a hole, I’m rolling with Tampa Bay in this game and for the rest of the games.

Let’S take a look at the NFL graphic: you see the NFL sports betting ticket. I’Ve already picked the coats to be the Eagles. So if you’re, a betting man you’re gon na want to take those six Cincinnati versus the Carolina, Panthers Cincinnati has looked pretty decent. The Panthers look helter-skelter, I think in that game. I’M gon na go ahead and I would roll with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Then you got Titans vs Jaguars, that’s a no-brainer you’re gon na go with the Jaguars in that game, New Orleans and Atlanta. What Atlanta team are we gon na get and for the sake of that, I’m gon na roll with New Orleans, because they have got to pick the steam up some point in time, then you’ve got Denver versus Baltimore. Damn, if that ain’t, a pick’em game, Joe Flacco, is who he is, but Denver has looked terrible as well. You know in this particular game I will go ahead and roll with the Ravens on that one Giants and Houston.

Give me Houston in that game. My team, the Miami Dolphin vs Oakland, ladies and gentlemen, go on ahead and book Miami to win that game he’s just no questioning that, my winning that game I’ve made the prediction we’re going five, I know to start our season and why stop now, then, you’ve got Green Bay and the red skins in that game, you might as well go ahead and rot with Green Bay. The Redskins haven’t looked that good. Then you’ve got Buffalo in the Vikings with the largest deficit of all the board, the betting books.

Take the Vikings that’s gon na be easy, San Francisco and Kansas City. I think, for some reason that game might be closer. So if you’re gon na do the Vegas thing you might want to rock with San Francisco, but if you’re doing a head up bet or you just in the head up ticket, go ahead and take Kansas City, we’ve already discussed the charges and the Rams Bears and Cardinals, the Cardinals have look atrocious and the Bears look like they got one of the best defenses in the NFL rot with the Bears Dallas and Seattle in Seattle. What can I say, they’re ranking they’re, ranked in Dallas as the one of the lowest teams and everything, but Seattle is just looking terrible.

Their offensive line looks terrible, believe it or not, I’m rolling with Dallas in that game, New England and Detroit. How often do we see a New England team lose back-to-back games with Tom Brady go ahead and book New England and we’ve already covered the Steelers, so those are my picks for week. Three coming up: you guys use them pitch, go make yourself some money and when you do don’t forget this brother and go throw me something on patreon baby, I’m helping you get them games help me get a game. I think that’s gon na. Do it for this video, don’t get it like my video comment and subscribe.

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Some football this weekend check out my feelings. If you need to be able to get all the games with HD IPTV, also the 2 week diet, and until the next XSL video I’ll see you you